Projects for Class

Our first project is this website. I am getting the pieces together, but can see it will continue to be a work in progress. I can use this website for my time in the EdTec Masters Program if I wish. One of the wonderful things about websites, you can change and add to them at will.

Interesting Working with Templates

I have never done that before so I am having fun trying to figure out what they did to make them. The one that I chose originally had coffee beans on the top - which is probably why it appealed to me. I do love coffee. I have added my own photograph of gerbera daisies and changed the colors overall.

The Final Project

Our final project is a website of our own creation. I am making one for Aztec Brewery, another company I am starting with my husband. Be sure to check out the pieces as I add them in this website. Life is an never-ending adventure.