Edtec 561

Project Two: Educational
Multimedia Workshop: Report

11.9.10 : EdTec561 : Tuesday Nights

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Outline: Simple Concepts for Better Web Design
or A Good Website is Well C.R.A.P.H.T.E.D.

Type of Evaluation: Think Aloud:

Two of my family members, John Webster and Tristan Faulk-Webster and one EDTEC 561 classmate, Ladan Moshiri, evaluated my EET article.

John had looked at the page earlier and suggested I revise several of the graphics to make them more interesting, which I did. He reviewed it one more time and stated it now looked fine.

Tristan thought there was too much text in the captions. He felt that the images were disconnected from the text they belonged to. He thought the images would work better if they were more closely tied to the text by being placed above it, rather than having the main text always on the left and the images always on the right.

Ladan noticed spelling and grammatical errors.

Suggested Changes:

  1. 1. Correct spelling and grammer errors
  2. 2. Change images to be more interesting
  3. 3. Minimize amount of text in captions and move to body text area - I completely relaid out the entire piece to accommodate this thought and am much happier with the result

Revisions to Article: