Welcome to the Wedding Performer!

The Wedding Performer is a hub website filled with information on how to become a wedding officiant. We have included tips, timelines, sample services, external links for even more information. We will keep expanding this site as we find more useful tools for you. This site was started in California, San Diego County to be exact, so much of the information starts there and then expands outwards. Enjoy!

Why Become a Wedding Officiant?

The most often cited reason for becoming an officiant was to help join friends or family members in marriage. If you are the couple looking to find an officiant - why not ask a close friend or family member to perform the ceremony for you? The service can be tailored to fit you personally.

Why Did I Become a Wedding Officiant?

My husband and I were married by our art teacher long ago. Although I do not specifically remember the ceremony itself, I do remember the feeling of a day specially made for us. This was the focal point. Instead of a person who had no prior knowledge of our personalities preaching a generic sermon out at our guests, she spoke from her heart about two people she had come to know over the years. It was about us. Personal.

When our oldest son and his wife were married a few years ago, they asked their favorite anthropology teacher to officiate their wedding. She had already made a marked impact on their lives. This was a special treat not only for my son and his wife, but their teacher treasured the day as well.

I was so impressed by the loving feeling it created, I decided to become an officiant too. So far I have officiated two weddings, with a third coming soon. If you are a couple thinking of getting married, I would encourage you to ask a dear friend or family member to perform the ceremony for you. If someone has already asked you to be their officiant and you are here looking for more information, know that what you are doing is giving them a very special, very personalized gift.


Loving Quote

"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach."
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning