External Links - Searching for More Information

This the hub point of The Wedding Performer. The information here leads in all directions. We will add more links as we discover them. These links will open a new page. If you know of some good sites to go to for information - be sure to let us know. We want to keep this site as up to date as we can. Explore.

Where to Start

The first place to look for information would be your state - to see if there are laws that are specific only to your state or county. Here is a link to a USMarriage Laws site, Choose your state and dive in. They have some common information included below the list of states.

Local Information

Check for information in the county where the couple will be married. The office of the Assessor/Records/CountyClerk will most likely have the information on how to be an Officiant for a Day. For a fee you can get a package of information and a one day Officiant status.

Where to Go to Get Officially "Ordained" ...

There are many sites that you can be ordained at. I have included the ones that I have found at this date and will add more later as I find them. Be sure to figure out which organization most closely matches your philosphy of life. Each of these links opens a new tab or page in your browser.

Universal Life Church

American Ministries

First Nation Ministry

Rose Ministries

American Fellowship Church

Become an Ordained Christian Minister

Christian Harvest Ministries

World Christianship Ministries

You can also search the internet to find and use the services of previously ordained ministers.


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